Frequently Asked Questions



What is CloudLive?

CloudLive is our system for live streaming your video to anywhere in the world. By using CloudLive you are essentially broadcasting your vision, mission and organization to anyone with internet access. More than just live video, it is the ability to communicate and connect with people everywhere.


Why should my church/ministry live stream?

Live streaming your video is a great tool for people both inside and outside of your church. It is a great way for the people of your congregation/ministry to stay connected when they are out of town or on vacation. Being able to watch a service online is also a great outreach tool. Many times people can be intimidated by going to a new church. By having a live stream option, a guest can view the church service online before visiting in person, which can be a great on ramp to your church for visitors.


Where can people access our live stream?

Anywhere in the world! Wherever there is an internet connection, people can access the live stream. Our streaming network spans the entire globe and can reach practically anywhere in the world.



What are the system requirements for live streaming?

There are many software and hardware solutions for live streaming. We recommend Flash Media Live Encoder by Adobe. This is a free program and you can find a list of requirements by visiting the link below. One requirement not listed on the page below is a high speed internet connection. A high speed internet connection is required to live stream. This ensures you have sufficient upload rates to send your video to our servers. A minimum upload speed of 500kbps is recommended. Ideally we suggest 1mbps or more.

System Requirements: http://www.adobe.com/products/flash-media-encoder/tech-specs.html

A few other compatible streaming programs:

Wirecast: http://www.telestream.net/wire-cast/overview.htm

VidBlaster: http://vidblaster.com/


What hardware do I need to capture audio and video?

There are many solutions for the capture of video and audio. The link below provides a list of compatible video capture cards and DV cameras. There are three main ways to capture video for live stream; USB Webcam, DV Cam and video capture card. There are also three main ways to capture audio for live stream; built-in microphone, mic/line input and onboard mic on a DV Cam. There are some great resources and support for more in depth questions in the link below. We also provide in depth consultation for live streaming setup. If you need consultation services, email us at Info@TheCloudMediaGroup.com.

Compatible Devices: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashmediaserver/flashmediaencoder/devicematrix.html

Flash Media Live Encoder Forum: http://forums.adobe.com/community/flash/flash_media_live_encoder


Is CloudLive compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch?

Yes! We offer streaming to iOS devices for an additional $75 per month. To activate iOS streaming on your device, please email us at Cloudlive@TheCloudMediaGroup.com


What bitrate should I use?

That is a great question! Bit rate is the rate of data per second at which your stream broadcasts. This includes an audio and a video bitrate. The average speed in the United States for downloading is 3Mbps (Megabytes Per Second). This allows you more than enough speed to get great looking video to your audience. We recommend setting your video bitrate between 500 and 800Kbps and you audio bitrate between 128 and 224Kbps. Every organization’s needs are different and some may run higher, but this is a good baseline at which to start.


How do I get the best looking video?

Your video quality is dependent on many variables. These variables include your cameras, cables, lighting, capture card, white balance, tripod and more. Here are a few tips we recommend for great looking video.

-Start with an HD camera. Because of modern technology, HD quality video is VERY affordable. Canon, Sony and JVC all sell entry level HD cameras starting at around $300-$500. From there you can move up to around $1000 and have incredible looking video. Starting with good quality video from the camera is key. This is not the place to cut corners.

-Use a high quality video capture card/device. Your video needs to be captured into the computer for the live streaming and a capture device does this job. Black Magic Design has done an excellent job in creating a line of capture cards and devices that are both affordable and great quality. Their line of capture devices is called “Intensity”. These cards/devices start at around $295 and go up from there. These cards can capture HDMI, SDI, Component, Optical , S-Video and Composite. Below is a link to their product website.


-Lighting is huge! As simple as this sounds, all video comes from light. Making sure that you have adequate and even lighting is very important. Make sure your cameras are white balanced and adjusted for the optimal lighting. Watch for people’s faces being washed out by too much or uneven lighting. Simply having even lighting can increase your video quality significantly. There are many other areas that affect your video quality, but these are probably the three main areas.


Billing Questions

Any there any contracts?

No! There are no contracts for using CloudLive. Cancel at anytime.


How do I cancel my service?

Email our billing department at Billing@TheCloudMediaGroup.com


Are there any refunds?

Once we have billed you for your current month of service, we cannot provide any refund for that month. If you would like to cancel service, simply email our billing department and we will promptly discontinue your service beginning with the next month.


What happens if I go over my monthly bandwidth?

If you go over your bandwidth for the month, we will simply bump you up to the next plan of streaming. We will not charge you a high rate per GB over your plan like many other companies do. You will be charged the higher plan rate for that month. The next month, we will bump you back down to your previous plan. If you go over your monthly bandwidth multiple times, we recommend upgrading to a higher plan.

Why is my first month’s bill $100 more than my plan?

There is a $100 setup fee for our streaming service. This is added to the first payment and is applied at the final PayPal checkout. The receipt that you initially receive from The Cloud Media Group will show the monthly rate but the PayPal receipt will show the total first month’s charge.



Do you offer analytics?

Yes! All Cloudlive accounts come with basic analytics. We also offer in depth analytics for $150 a month. These analytics offer in depth demographic information about your audience as well as stream data transfer. You can request this extra service by contacting our sales department at Sales@TheCloudMediaGroup.com

I found another website that charges less.
Why should I choose you?

Getting a great deal on service is very important to us! That is why we believe The Cloud Media Group offers the best deal. In the end, you get what you pay for. Some streaming providers cap their clients at a certain bit rate or viewer hours. We allow our clients to stream as high quality as they desire. We also allow you to have an unlimited number of viewers watching your live feed. Our network can handle tens of thousands of connections at the same time. Other websites may say their network is reliable and that their service is top notch. However, when it really matters, The Cloud Media Group will always make it happen. Don’t compromise excellence for a cheaper service. It is always our priority that you are provided with the highest possible service we can give.


Is The Cloud Media Group a Christian Company?

Here at The Cloud Media Group, we are passionate about The Gospel of Jesus Christ and glorifying him in all that we do. We work with all sorts of organizations both secular and nonsecular. Whether we are working with a church or a corporation, we always exemplify Christ and His Word. Our team is made of up worship leaders, church graphic designers and other ministry members. So in short, everyone in our company loves and serves Jesus Christ.


Where did you get the name “The Cloud Media Group”?

Because we are all passionate about Christ, we know that we will one day spend eternity with Him in heaven. The word “Cloud” is a type of Heaven and the Gospel. We are passionate about communicating the Word and Hope of the Gospel through media. We are also a group of people, so , The Cloud Media Group was created.